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Trinity Gold Star is a company created by Linda Smith to help people to help themselves.  Linda spent over 30 years in the electronics industry starting out as a receptionist and eventually rising to the position of President of a multimillion  dollar company. It wasn't until her job  was eliminated by the sale of the company that she feels that her true life path began.

 She became certified in Reiki, Reconnection Healing, Spriritual Response Therapy, Trinity Energy Progression and trained in Body Code.  

In 2007 Linda  created her own new quick, easy. painless and effective process  which she named the DEBRA™ Process.  The name stands for Discordant Energy Block Removal and Alignment Process.  Please see the DEBRA™ page for additional information and testimonials on this amazing process.  Clients have often seen immediate, easy and permanent changes with one session.  For long standing issues or a variety of issues it is sometimes beneficial to have several sessions. 

After realizing the many benefits of dowsing in Linda's personal and professional life she has created a one day dowsing class to help others with self empowerment entitled BE YOUR OWN GURU.  (Details on upcoming  CLASSES

Part of Linda's mission in life has also been to share  profound mentors and teachers that have blessed her life by hosting them in the Dallas/Ft. Worth area.  Since 2000 she has consistently hosted an incredible teacher, author, healer....Nigel Taylor.  Nigel has created a beautiful platform to share daily messages through his website: He has also created a profound 2-1/2 day class that will be presented in Plano, Tx. in  2018.  The class size will be limited and the benefits will be many for those who choose to attend.  If you would like more details, please contact Linda via email, text or phone.  There are also two wonderful interviews with Nigel on conducted by Regina Meredith in her Open Minds series.  "The Authenticity of Self" and "Freedom from Mass Hypnosis."  Beautiful messages for our times from a man who truly lives his authentic self.   

Nigel Taylor

Intuitive Soul Mastery
Date to be Announced
Plano, Tx 75074

TUITION:  $497.00 (Inclusive of ISM Training Certificate and Intuitive Soul Mastery Manual.  

Sponsor:  Linda Smith   214.562.4653

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