CONSULTATION ~  Dowsing and intuiting answers to your personal and professional questions
$100.00 for one hour $2/Min. for additional time

DEBRA™  Process  ~ Discordant Energy Blocks Removal
$100.00 for clearing session

HOME AND PROPERTY CLEARING   ~  Clearing home and residents, including pets.  Locating and closing dark portals. 

CLASSES  ~  Self-Empowerment Dowsing and Debra Classes
See Schedule and Cost on CLASSES page.

Several years ago, Shiva, the Hindu God of Destruction appeared to me.  I stared at him in dismay as visions of this type are rare to me. There was no fear of his identity as the “Destroyer” because of the understanding that without destruction there can be no creation.  Finally he spoke “Are you ready for the final veil to be lifted?”

As I nodded YES, my heart was squeezed from every direction leaving me breathless.  Before he disappeared he said “I’m squeezing everything from your heart that isn’t truth.  That’s the final veil.”

How appropriate that this was spoken as we prepare to move into the Satya Yuga which means truth and represents the Golden Age in the cycles of time.  It was significant to me because my quest since awakening to a higher purpose is “God, please make me the clearest vessel.”   By releasing the illusion of untruth our vessels do become clear.

It is in my search for truth that led me to blending the different modalities in service to others.   Pendulum usage was an efficient and effective way for me to communicate with my higher self and get the answers that were sought.

Teaching others to use dowsing for self-empowerment is a major part of my life’s purpose. 

The DEBRA Process was given to me by my guides as a way that blocks from this and past lives could be removed from myself and others so that true and permanent clearing and healing could take place at all levels.  This process can be done in person or at a distance and takes about one hour.    After completion of the Body Code Training, this is incorporated in a session where appropriate.  Both facilitate the removal of blockages to help you to know and live your truth.



Clearing of negative energy and portals in home and property along with inhabitants including pets resulting in more harmony and positive energy.  This can also be used for an office.   This clearing is done at a distance over 2-3 hours and written report is provided.  It is not necessary to be on the phone during the clearing.  

Recent testimonials from Clearings ~

My partner and I are much more compatible and find the energy of our home and farm very uplifting....the animals like it too!!    Jan & Gretchen

Thank-you again so much for the wonderful session. I finally slept in this  new space deeply!!!! I have done a lot of work on me over the past 40 years and I have to say, all this is new stuff!!! WOW! Bless-you and all the Sweet Powers that be.  Once again sending my heartfelt love, honor and gratitude for everything!  Regina

Professional Office
Again.. WOW..  I had no idea.  
I shared your analysis with my staff yesterday afternoon and they all said they did notice a difference at the office. It seemed lighter and happier to them.  Today my office manager said the phones have been ringing a lot more than usual.  New patients have been calling to make appointments and current patients to make payments.

DEBRA™ Process                 

Discordant Energy Block Removal & Alignment  

If there is a conflict on an issue between your conscious mind and your subconscious mind, the subconscious will generally win. The way to assure your conscious beliefs will produce the results you intend for them to manifest is to clear any adverse beliefs in your subconscious mind that may be blocking or canceling out the manifestation of your conscious beliefs.

If you have a challenge in your life that is mental, physical, emotional, spiritual or financial, a process has been developed that will identify any discordant energy blocking the release of this challenge. This discordant energy block is then released along with any shadow programs or replicating programs that might cause it to be recreated. This process is called DEBRA™ or Discordant Energy Block Removal and Alignment.

Discordant energy blocks are created and held in our emotional body based on life experiences. These blocks can thwart the body’s ability to heal and to release emotional disturbances. When an energy block is removed and dissolved using the DEBRA™ process, emotional stress is easily and quickly released and the body’s own ability to heal is re-established through an alignment with higher vibrational energies.

The person being cleared can expect dissolution of the challenge within a defined time period, which is typically approximately 24 hours.   As with any energy work, it is important to drink extra water for the next several days after a session.

FAQ’s: Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Must the DEBRA™ Process be done in person?

A: No, this is done at a distance by phone at a specific time. 

Q: Can I address more than one challenge at a time?

A: That can be determined by evaluation and is determined by your High Self.  

Q: Is there additional benefit over and above the release of a particular challenge?

A: Most people find that the release of a Major Discordant Energy Block and the Alignment that follows have a ripple effect in all areas of their life. The discord being created by a block has a negative impact on many overlapping areas which are now clear. 

Q: What are some of the results that people have experienced?

A: Please see Testimonials section.

Q: How long does a DEBRA™ session take?

A: The DEBRA™ Process takes an hour after which time the person being cleared may find it beneficial to rest or meditate although it is not a necessary prerequisite for the clearing process.

Q: How do I know the clearing and alignment are complete?

A: Measurements are taken at the beginning and end of a session to register improvement.  Although the session is not recorded notes are taken and may be shared with you via email if you wish. 

Q: How do I request a DEBRA™ clearing and alignment?

A: Contact Linda Smith with reference to request for clearing the particular challenge or challenges that you would like to have eliminated from your life experience along with your date of birth. Or stated another way, what positive expression would you like to have more of in your life. Indicate a preference for date and time for clearing and you will receive a confirmation that the challenge can be cleared and the appointment time.

Q: What is the cost for the DEBRA™ Process?

A: The cost is $100.00 for a one hour session.  

Q: How do I pay for this service?

A: Payment may be by MC, Visa and Discover on this website (payment via credit card) or you may give the credit card information by phone.  If you wish to pay by check for the session, please allow time for the check to arrive before the scheduled session.  Paypal payments may be made to


Linda has a unique gift in identifying and clearing blocks in the creative flow.  Whether it is a one-time session or ongoing support in the creative and evolutionary process, she does it like no one else can.  Her work is profound and life changing. She has helped me open more and more joy, power and creativity in myself and in my life on levels and time frames that I could not have done on my own.   I am so grateful for the work we have done together.

Sylvia ~  "I was feeling a lot of anxiety and out of control.   Waves of depression would sometimes overwhelm me.  A friend suggested that have a clearing session with Linda.  Since the clearing several weeks ago I've been feeling joyful and stress free.  I've been able to focus on making positive changes in my life."

Carol~  "I work in an office with 28 other women and the jealousies and back-biting were driving me crazy.  After a clearing session where some past life karma was cleared with several of my co-workers things have been peaceful and even when there is some conflict between others in the department it seems to roll right past me.  My cubicle now feels like a stress free zone."

Diane P. - "I'm a massage therapist and have had pain in my left shoulder since '98. It had become more constant and more intense during the last year. Linda did a DEBRA clearing for me and the pain is completely gone. It has been three weeks and I can't believe that the pain is still gone."

Jim M., Houston ~ "Thank you so much for relieving the long standing back and leg pain that was keeping me awake at night."

Cindy P. , Austin ~  Wanted clearing of challenge with subconscious skepticism regarding the work with which she is involved.  "This all feels so right to me, thank you.  I am in a state of what feels like pure enthusiasm that just exhibited itself mid-morning, a true sense of commitment to and excitement about our work.  It is wonderful and energizing."

Pat D., Ohio ~  "I was feeling extremely stressed and depressed about a situation with my inlaws.  I started to feel relief from the stress at the beginning of the appointment time and felt stress free by the end of an hour.  This continued on for the rest of the week long visit with my relatives.  It was the most pleasant visit we've ever had." 

Linda has a unique gift in identifying and clearing blocks in the creative flow.  Whether it is a one-time session or ongoing support in the creative and evolutionary process, she does it like no one else can.  Her work is profound and life changing. She has helped me open more and more joy, power and creativity in myself and in my life on levels and time frames that I could not have done on my own.   I am so grateful for the work we have done together.

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