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Amma's Flowers

   Higher Consciousness

Amma's Flowers™
Flower Essence

Recently received information indicated that a flower essence made from particular Ruella Brittoniana flowers (Mexican Bluebells) would help an individual attain higher states of consciousness.  These flowers spontaneously appeared after a ten day visit from a female avatar from India  in 2006.  Flower Essence is packaged in a  1 ounce dropper bottle and does contain brandy.  $20.00 cost includes shipping within the US.  Item No. FE-108.

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Special Introductory Price  ~  Buy 3 each 1 ounce
bottles for $50.  (includes US shipping) Item No. FE-108-3  

NO  medical claims are made for this process and anyone with health problems should contact their medical provider.

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