Liquid Gold RX Spray

It found me!

There are many ways that my life has been improving and loving it more every day.  As I matured I felt that enhancement of my physical energy would help me to accomplish more of my "to do" list.  My mental focus needed improvement as well. The resolution came to me recently through a trusted source in a very new product developed by an American doctor working in the Ukraine.  

My energy and zest for life are once again accelerating in ways that I only imagined after a short time adding this easy to use spray product to my daily routine.  

Maybe you want to hear more about the benefits.  Click on the website below for a full explanation.     Please contact me for more personalized answers of how it might work for you.  Dowsing is what I teach and we can dowse the benefits to your body and your specific needs.  If you are a dowser you may want to dowse the potential benefits for yourself. 

 Request a phone session via text if you would like free dowsing input from me.  

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bridge the gap to achieving your goals


DEBRA Process

When you are ready to explore the most expansive possibilities on your Life Path consider a personalized, energetic session by phone with Linda Smith. 

Positive changes in attitude, mood, relationships, abundance, career success can be experienced with just one session.  Discordant Energy Blocks are removed revealing your true essence without distortion.  

Experience the benefits of one or more sessions of the DEBRA process  by phone from the convenience of your own space.  Easily book a session     by email or text/phone.   214.562.4653


Life Path

Linda Smith created Trinity Gold Star to help people help themselves.  Her personal experiences on her life path led her to explore many different life choices.    She spent a number of  years in the business world beginning as a receptionist and eventually rising to the position of President of multi-million dollar companies in England and the US.  

It was only when her last job was eliminated by the sale of the company that she felt her true life path began.  

Physical challenges including medically diagnosed Rheumatoid Arthritis first led her to traditional allopathic medicine.  After receiving little benefit and experiencing side effects from prescription medication she sought  healing through alternative medicine and energy work.  

As she had been helped through energy work she began to study different modalities to benefit herself and others.  She became certified in Reiki, Reconnection Healing, Spiritual Response Therapy and trained in Body Code.   


Heart Opening Healing

Linda realized that her health, success and well-being were very dependent on her emotional state and level of stress.  She eventually created her own modality for helping others become clear of blockages  and free of stress through a process called DEBRA.  This stands for  Discordant Energy Blockage and Alignment.  Even one session can be life changing and heart expanding.  

Explanation of SERVICES offered.  


Why Us?

If you are looking for an experience that is supportive, effective, quick and honors your highest good then a one hour convenient phone session with Linda Smith may fulfill that desire.   Live your life free of the cocoon of Discordant Blocks that have been distorting and limiting your life experience.   Reduce stress in your personal and professional life.

If you feel that there is negative energy in your home or workplace, consider getting a remote property clearing.  Clients are having amazing results with these clearings.  Read more details in the SERVICES section.  

Please feel free to contact Linda Smith ifor a suitable appointment time .  Accommodations can be made to suit your schedule.   Text 214.562.4653 for a preferred date and time with first, second and third choice.  Confirmation will be promptly communicated.