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The DEBRA™ Process was given to Linda in 2007 as a simple, effective, quick and easy process to help people with a variety of challenges.  The basic process is done using dowsing.  A pre-requisite for this class is the Be Your Own Guru Class, Self Empowerment Through Dowsing.  (If you feel that you are proficient in dowsing please contact Linda by email or phone to see if an exception may be made.  

The class will begin with a one hour review of the Dowsing Class (please bring your manuals to class) with a question and answer period. Then the steps to the DEBRA Process will be taught in the next hour.

Demonstrations of the process by Linda with class participants in front of the group occupy the next hour along with questions and answers.

There will be several hours of class interaction by doing actual clearings on each other with assistance from Linda.  The last hour and a half will be devoted in showing participants how to take this process and use it with other modalities such as The Emotion Code.  

Previous participants have found value in clearing themselves as well as friends and family.  Others have successfully added it to their own practice of healing

Handouts, including dowsing charts for the DEBRA process will be provided to class members.

Next Class to be ANNOUNCED.  

 Testimonials from previous DEBRA classes:

 "I absolutely loved the way you presented the workshop and I can't think of a single thing that I would change!  I also loved meeting all of the "Angels" in the class and I hope to attend more of your teachings in the future."

"Your Discordant Energy Block Removal helped me rise to a more elevated level regarding my ability to help myself to clear out old issues that have been keeping me from experiencing life the way that I would choose to, all with EASE AND GRACE."

"I loved the interactive format of the class.  In fact, that is my best mode of learning, as it is for most adult learners.  Doing it actually takes some of the fear out of using the process in whatever other ways the person feels is most beneficial to them."

"Loved the group and the interaction.  I use your system for myself and my family and love having the way you structure the material for easy reference."

"The class not only helped me learn a new technique that I'm using to help myself and others but I also left the class with a real sense of self-empowerment which has enhanced all aspects of my life."

"I've found that doing DEBRA clearing sessions for clients before I do energy work on them greatly benefits the overall sessions.  My confidence in my dowsing abilities gets stronger every day.  The DEB process is amazing....I love it." 


Be Your Own Guru Class Dowsing Class

Empower yourself by asking and receiving your own guidance through dowsing.

Expand your knowledge and proficiency in Pendulum dowsing to access your Higher Self Consciousness.  

Learn the importance of the way your questions are phrased.

Receive a clearing of blocks to pendulum usage;

Learn how to immediately shift energy.

Create and Use Charts for efficient choices.

Identify and remove dark entities from your energy field.   Easily repair holes and tears in auric field.

Identify and close dark portals.  

Open and clear chakras.   

More about the Dowsing Class

A Class in Self-Empowerment through the use of dowsing.  Taught by Linda Smith who has worked internationally for 15 years as an energy worker using dowsing as the mainstay of her work.  Not just your ordinary dowsing class, this class offers an opportunity for a pre-class clearing of blocks from this and other lifetimes that may have hampered you in your quest for consistent, accurate answers through dowsing.  It's also great for the individual who has never dowsed and is ready to incorporate this to use personally and professionally.

  • Set the stage for getting correct answers by getting into a sacred space and clearing blocks to getting the right answers. 
  • Learn ways to discern what choices are best for you.  Is a person being truthful?  Are they in integrity?  Which practitioner is the best for you?  Which class would be in alignment with what you want to accomplish?
  • Learn how to practice dowsing and how to use it as a gateway to receiving more and better guidance, even when you do not have a pendulum in your hand.
  • Is your High Self Committee  at the highest level of consciousness?  If they are not, learn how to change that.   

Handouts and material will be provided.  Bring your own pendulum.  Please pre-register as class size will be limited.  


From previous dowsing class ~

"I was getting mixed results when I practiced the pendulum after the class.  I decided to go a little deeper, take some more deep breaths, detach from the outcome, and ask some serious questions. I rested my elbow and closed my eyes to get a feel for the pendulum motion. I could feel a light tingling in my hand and concentrated on the motion of the pendulum. This time the answers were very clear. The pendulum would start with a slight movement and then go into a very pronounced swing. I did everything I could to keep my arm and hand still. Luckily, Linda taught me to trust. The responses were very profound. I tried a few other things Linda taught us and it was noticeable throughout my day. I love this! Thank you Linda"  JL

"What a fantastic class that was! You are a truly amazing woman. Thanks for all you do!"  Alison

Thanks for a soulfully fulfilling day!! Thoroughly loved it and I'm seeing that the possibilities are endless! I had no idea! How about some more of these things...!!!!!!!"  Scott

"I have been using some of the clearings I learned in your class on my nephew who was having some challenges.  My sister told me today that he is doing much better and asked if I could do even more on him."  Susan 

This Dowsing Class is a prerequisite for the DEBRA class



For further information contact Linda Smith at or call/text 214.562.4653