Links to my personal recommendations

Nigel Taylor

International teacher, healer, author, speaker and a long time friend.  He is inspirational and his work is enlightening.  It has been an honor to host him in the Dallas area since 2000.

Raymon Grace

Raymon is an incredible dowser, healer, author and teacher.  If you want to know more check out his You Tube videos and get on his mailing list.  It was my pleasure to host two of his dowsing classes in the Dallas area.  In addition to doing limited in person classes he also has two day webinar classes.

Amy Jo Ellis

Amy Jo's life made a drastic change from your normal everyday singer songwriter into a psychic medium in high demand.   The value of her booklet, The Court of Atonement rapidly gained recognition by the  energy healing community.  The process is detailed and easily learned in her booklet Court of Atonement.  

Laura Lizak

Laura Lee Lizak is an internationally known channel/transmitter for QuanYin and Creation. Laura had been used as QuanYin’s grounding instrument since 1992.  My personal sessions with her in person and over the phone have been profound.

The Lemurian Plug

After a number of years looking for a beneficial way to improve the energy in my home by eliminating EMF, Radiation, Microwave, Wireless signals this is the only one I recommend to my clients.  It works and it's only $35.00 

Dr. David R. Hawkins

If you wish to learn more about consciousness  consider reading a book by Dr. Hawkins   Power Vs. Force.  It maps out the levels of consciousness and is a reference book for dowsers.  There are many other books by him available on Amazon among other places but to learn more about him visit the website still maintained for his work after his passing.  I was grateful to attend several all day presentations by Dr. Hawkins and the energy that he emitted was at the highest levels.