DEBRA Session

Discordant Energy Block Removal and Alignment       If there is a conflict on an issue between your conscious mind and your subconscious mind, the subconscious will generally win.  The way to assure your conscious beliefs will produce the results you intend for them to manifest is to clear any adverse beliefs in your subconscious mind that may be blocking or canceling out the manifestation of your conscious intent.  

If you have a challenge in your life that is mental, physical, emotional, spiritual or financial, a process has been developed that will identify any discordant energy blocking the release of this challenge.  This discordant energy block is then released.  This is the DEBRA process. 

Discordant energy blocks are usually created and held in the body based on life experiences.  The blocks can also be inherited within the DNA or carried over from a past life.  When an energy block is removed and dissolved, emotional stress is easily and quickly released.  

The person being cleared can expect dissolution of the challenge within a defined time period, which is typically 24-48 hours.  As with any energy work, it is important to drink extra water for several days following a session.  

Read about experiences some clients have experienced with DEBRA.  

Client Experiences with DEBRA

Preparation for a Session


Prior to your session it would be beneficial to think about goals that you would like to have for the session. These can be emotional, physical, financial, spiritual goals. This session is guided by your Higher Self Consciousness and what can be achieved in one session may be prioritized by what is in your Highest and best good. These goals form the intent for your session and writing them down can often reinforce this intent at a deeper level.  As we move through the session you may have other things pop up that you would prefer to focus on. It is always appropriate to bring those new goals up at any time.

At the time of the session it is good to be in a restful, quiet place and to have a full glass of water nearby. Being hydrated before and after the session will increase the speed and ease of releasing energetic blockages. 

Discordant Energy Blocks (DEB’s) are like balls of magnetic energy that hold a charge of emotion or negative energy from this or a past lifetime. It is typically formed from a traumatic experience. It will draw the experience of that negative block into your life either directly or indirectly. Directly through your expression of your life path or indirectly through people or events that are drawn into your life. 

Example would be a DEB of alcoholism is found. If it is expressed directly in your life you could have challenges with alcohol or if indirectly you may have family, friends, partners who have challenges with alcohol. Once the DEB is dissolved and removed there is no longer a magnetism to draw that experience personally or through someone else. 

A DEB creates a distortion of who you really are and what you would really like to experience in this life. Removing it doesn’t change who you are but rather reveals who you are without distortion. You begin to live in alignment with your choices. DEB’s can even thwart the body’s ability to heal. When a DEB is removed using the DEBRA process, emotional stress is easily and quickly released and the body’s own ability to heal is re-established through an alignment with higher vibrational energies. 


After training in Body Code (BC) by Dr. Bradley Nelson this has been added to the sessions when guided. This is similar to the DEBRA Process but is found through locating a trapped emotion in a particular part of the physical or emotional body. The Trapped Emotion (TE) is typically created in this lifetime but can be inherited from a parent (If an inherited emotion is found it is cleared for the client, the parent, and back as many generations as needed.) 


Negative Imprints (NI) are sometimes identified in combination with either of the two previous blockages. When identified they will give a fuller explanation of how the Discordant Energy Block (DEB) or Trapped Emotion (TE) may have created challenges in your life/body. 

During the session, you may be given an age at which a traumatic experience created a DEB or TE. It is not necessary to remember the occurrence however if you do remember, voicing it may speed up the process of release. Even if you don’t remember a particular incident or experience, once the blockage is removed you may have some past memories pop up in the next week or you may dream about them. Since the charge of the emotion has been released it should be like watching a movie of the event…from a place of detachment. 

After the session, be sure to drink extra water for the next few days.  Although most releasing is quickly achieved, it can take 24-48 hours for the clearing to be complete.

When you are setting the goals before the session it is great to rank them in priority to you and may even be beneficial to rate how much of a problem they are on a scale of 1 to 10. 1…not so much of a problem and 10…very distressing. Because the process does not change who you are, it merely reveals who you are without the distorted energies, it can feel as if nothing has happened unless you do an after session evaluation of the issues.  The process itself is gentle and easy.  Often I’ve had clients say that it is through feedback from others that they realize that something is not an issue anymore…such as “You seem happier” Certainly that is true when the goal has been to achieve better relationships. 

The session is not recorded although you are certainly free to record it on your end. You will receive an email summary of the session by the next day. 

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Q:  Must the DEBRA clearing be done in person?

A:  No, the session is conducted by phone with you in a relaxed, quiet environment. 

Q:  How long is an appointment?

A:  A session lasts one hour.  

Q:  Can more than one issue be addressed in a session?

A:  Yes, multiple issues may be addressed. 

Q:  How many appointments will I need?

A:  There is no set number.  Some people only want to deal with one issue.  Others find other areas of their life that could use improvement and choose to have follow up sessions.  If you know that you will want follow up appointments you can ask Linda to dowse for the best interval between sessions for you.   

Q:  What results have people experienced?

A:  Please see the "Client Experiences" section.

Q:  How do I request a DEBRA session?

A:  Contact Linda Smith via text at 214.562.4653 or email at requesting an appointment and specifying preferred date and time.   Normal hours are Monday through Friday, noon to 5 PM. 

Q:  What is the cost for a DEBRA session? 

A:  Cost of a one hour session is $100.00.  

Q:  How do I pay for an appointment?

A:  You can use Pay Pal to or pay online on this website with credit card.  

Book Appointment Now

You've decided that you want a session, personal or property then request appointment time and date via email to or text 214.562.4653.   Normal hours noon to 5 PM weekdays.  Weekends available by request.   


Home & property clearing


Negative energies and portals can create numerous problems in home and office. These can be cleared at a distance over a 2-3 hour period with a written report being provided. Inhabitants of the property including pets are also cleared. It can remove stagnant energy that is blocking abundance in your life and business,  that is causing incompatibility in relationships and many other challenges.  

Client Experiences with clearing Home/Office/Property

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Preparation for Property Clearing

Home & Property

Furnish property address along with names of inhabitants including pets.  Include part time residents such as students who are only at home part of the year. 

List any specific issues with the property and inhabitants.  

Request specific date for clearing.  This will be confirmed back to you or an alternate date suggested.

Office & Property

Furnish office address including suite or office number if it is in a building with other businesses.  Identify employees of the business/practice, including part time employees.  

List any specific issues with the property and employees. 

Request specific date for clearing.  This will be confirmed back to you or an alternate date suggested.  

FAQ's for Clearings

Q:  Must I be present for clearing?

A:  No, it is not necessary for you or anyone else to be present. 

Q:  Do you need access to the building/home for clearing?

A:  No, the energetic clearing is done at a distance at a specified time. 

Q:  Do I need to notify others (employees/clients/inhabitants) of clearing before or after?

A:  It is not necessary to notify others although you may want to share information about clearing after it is done.

Q:  How will I know what was cleared?

A:  By the day after the clearing you will receive an email detailing what was cleared. 

Q:  What can I expect from a clearing?

A:  Most clients notice a lightness in the energy of a space after a clearing.  You may notice more harmony between the inhabitants/employees.  For feedback from others see Testimonials page.  

Q:  How long can I expect a clearing to last? 

A:  Closing dark portals is a permanent change.  The majority of clients do not need a subsequent clearing.  However, change in residents or employees can necessitate a new clearing, depending on the energy brought in with them.  It may be that a personal clearing for one of them (or even yourself) may be all that is required.  You can ask for that question to be dowsed for you.   

Energetic filter installation


Permanent Energetic Filter

Empaths often find themselves drained in one on one interaction with friends and clients as well as in group situations.  

With your permission two energetic permanent filters are installed within your cellular memory.  They are under your complete control and can be temporarily or permanently turned off at any time.  Because this filter is permanent you do not have to continuously be clearing your energy field of others energy or cutting energetic cords.  

This method allows you to still receive information and impressions as you have in the past while filtering out negative and draining energy.  Find yourself still energized after a full day of working with clients.  

The filters are installed during a one-half hour phone session and are effective immediately.   

Client experiences with filters