Testimonials for debra sessions


WOW! Is this REAL?


I feel peaceful and much lighter I have sense of confidence that i hadn't felt in years.

Last night while driving I felt in my solar plexus that wanted to be released and I screamed for about a minute but it felt like it was screaming not me. I'm not making anything off about it I just said something was being released.

Followup next day:    I really feel alive and new. Is this for real?   Claudette 

Upcoming Trip


Hi Linda, thank you so much.  This was a very powerful session… and a session much needed in preparation for my trip.  Sharon

Confidence in Abilities

This all feels right to me, thank you.  I am in a state of what feels like pure enthusiasm that just exhibited itself mid-morning, a true sense of commitment to and excitement about my work.  It is wonderful and energizing.  ~Cindy

Relief from Depression

I was feeling a lot of anxiety and lack of control.  Waves of depression would sometimes overwhelm me.  A friend suggested a clearing session with Linda.  Since the clearing several weeks ago I've been able to focus on making positive changes in my life.  ~Sylvia

Releasing the Creative Flow

Linda has a unique gift in identifying and clearing blocks in the creative flow.  Whether it is a one-time session or ongoing support in the creative and evolutionary process, she does it like no one else can.  Her work is profound and life changing.  She has helped me open more and more joy, power and creativity in myself and in my life on levels and time frames that I could not have done on my own.  I am so grateful for the work we have done together.  ~Carolyn 

Distance no Obstacle

My husband was in a remote area half way around the world and in a stressful situation.  While he texted me, I was on the phone with Linda as she cleared some blocks for him and gave us information to assist him.  Within minutes he was able to extricate himself from this stressful situation and continue his journey.  ~Sarah 

Testimonials for Property Clearing


Professional Office Cleared

WOW.. I had no idea. I shared your analysis with my staff yesterday afternoon and they all said they did notice a difference at the office. It seemed lighter and happier to them. Today my office manager said the phones have been ringing a lot more than usual. New patients have been calling to make appointments and current patients to make payments. ~Dr. P

Sleeping in New Space

Thank-you again so much for the wonderful session. I finally slept in this  new space deeply!!!! I have done a lot of work on me over the past 40 years and I have to say, all this is new stuff!!! WOW! Bless-you and all the Sweet Powers that be.  Once again sending my heartfelt love, honor and gratitude for everything!  ~Regina

Harmonious Energy

My partner and I are much more compatible and find the energy of our home and farm very uplifting and harmonious....the animals like it too!!    Jan & Gretchen

No More Bumps in the Night

Since you cleared my apartment along with the other 4 units I'm no longer hearing strange noises and waking up many times a night.  Definitely starting my day in a more positive frame of mind. ~Tom

Family Business

The energy in the office has been much more positive since the clearing.  I didn't interact with all 18 employees when I dropped by but the ones that I did were much lighter.   I had dinner last night with my family and what a difference! I could not believe it. They seemed like very differenct people.Thanks again for the office clearing. ~Debbie

Non Profit Organization

As you know the Non-Profit that I created 20 years ago to help disadvantaged youth was having financial problems...especially as the rent in NYC for our space escalates.  Thank you so very much  for the clearing and I am looking forward to the flow of money and contracts coming my way.  PS  The day after the clearing we received an unexpected substantial donation.  I now want to have a personal clearing in case I am blocking my own abundance.  ~CF

Energetic Filters Installed


It's Working!

Linda,  I feel fantastic so much energy and within myself. I went to a wake and the office and did not take in anyone’s energy. I feel like a clear and perfect channel.  Thanks again for taking care of me and putting this in place for me. I do appreciate it. Have a great day !    Deb

Miraculous shift


I wanted to report that today we went to a birthday party.  Lots of people.  I was FINE.  Didn't have to armor up or anything.

What I am noticing is that it is a bit boring.  Being so empathic brought a lot of highs.  And lows.  Now it is rather flat.  But I will happily get used to it.

It is miraculous.  Lisa 

Empath to the max


Wow.  It was quite something today when I met my friends for lunch.  I initially had to adjust to the way I was.  In other words it initially felt uncomfortable not getting inside my friends!!  I ALMOST went to go there but didn't and adjusted really well to keeping all my bodies with me!!!   Marilyn 

Opening new practice.

As we discussed, the energy drain of interacting with patients has been very challenging for me in the past.  So much that I was reluctant to open my practice in this new city.  Installing the filter was just what you said...I still get the information but without the loss of energy.  Now that this is not an issue I can move ahead to look at any other reasons that I may be procrastinating on getting the office open.  Thanks much,  Dr. Karen D